• The Valkyrie Sessions

    with Freya and Maja

    Healing For Men.

    Healing The Wounded Warrior.

    We see you.


    You crave to feel your strength and power as you take courageous action with work, relationships and your health. Parts of you are battle weary, tense, tight and exhausted. You continue to strive in your career or business, you are 100% committed, but the challenges can feel relentless.


    You desire to open your heart, to experience vulnerability and to enhance your connection with friends and family. You wish to call a lover into your life where you will know acceptance, sensuality and inspiration.


    You have made some personal victories on your journey but it was not entirely smooth sailing.


    In fact, some of it felt like a battle.

    It's left some scars.


    We are here.


    It's time to rest and be nourished. To let the battle and the war leave your body. Reward the part of you that has survived the heroic journey. You have permission to allow nurturing and recovery. To soften into your true nature.


  • The Mythology

    From the Vikings

    The Valkyries

    The Valkyries were the mythical feminine beings who would take the slain Viking warriors from battle and bring them to the great hall known as Valhalla where they would serve these battle-weary men mead - a warming nourishing brew made from fermented honey. The host of Valhalla was Freja the Nordic Goddess of love, sex and war.

    The Valkyrie Session is a two-hour healing journey with Freya and Maja involving foot bathing, energy and chakra healing, channeling, somatic breath work and gentle grounding touch. We invite you to rest, be nourished, allow your powerful essence to return and expand as you are supported by two experienced women healers.





  • About Us

    Meet the Valkyries: Freya and Maja

    Freya Isobel

    Energy Practitioner and Certified Beautiful You Life Coach

    Freya is an intuitive, chakra based energy healer, and life coach focusing on assisting nurturers, empaths and creators to connect to their own intuition and inner wisdom. Freya holds a space of deep feminine compassion and wisdom for her clients.

    Maja Vaar

    Tantric Practitioner

    Maja has 20 years of experience with conscious sexuality, body-based therapy, yoga, meditation, dance, and breath and bodywork. Fusing these therapeutic modalities, Maja assists people in reclaiming their natural self-expression, rebuilding their responsiveness to life, and rekindling their spontaneity, vitality and love - all through a deep surrendering to the ecstasy of the body.

  • Testimonials

    Beautiful words from our beautiful clients

    Neil, Sydney

    Before attending my Valkyrie Session I had little understanding of what would take place. My intent was to be open to receive whatever came. Under the guidance of Freya & Maja I was able to surrender completely which allowed emotions to surface, energy to move through my body and float in the most blissful state of being.


    At all times I felt safe and held tenderly. I came away feeling nurtured, open-hearted, honoured and connected deeply with myself. It was the nourishment I needed and yearn for.

    I highly recommend a Valkyrie Session with Freya & Maja.

    Niro, Sydney

    I cannot thank Maja and Freya enough for their Valkyrie session. Last year was a big year of change, overcoming health struggles and clearing of old pains and relationships. 2017 had left me exhausted and 2018 was going to be a year of creation and action. However I felt numb after the last year, I kind of knew what I needed to do but didn’t feel I had it in me to deliver. I felt blocked, heavy and couldn’t be bothered. Almost immediately after my 2 hour session with these amazing souls I was back into action mode. I have done more in the last 4 days than the last 4 weeks!


    The combination of these two ladies is perfect. Maja opened me up to access my vulnerable side, to where all my dark energy was stored. Freya came afterwards and help me process and release it. Both intellectually and energetically.


    I will strongly recommend a Valkyrie Session to any men that are feeling blocked to their own inner wisdom, and need healing. These ladies created a very safe place for us to do so.

    Andy, Sydney

    From the moment I entered, Freya and Maja were welcoming with a hug and warmness. They talked me through the process and gave me options on my level of participation according to my level of comfort and what was true for me. I desired flow in my body as well as opening up my heart to love and open up to an amazing relationship, which was hard for me to even say. They guided me through the session from beginning to end in a way I felt safe, honoured and closer to God.


    Freya at one point asked what the eagle represented in my life. What was strange was that this was a totem animal of mine I had had visions of during meditations and she picked up on it which reinforced this message I had received at times in my life.


    Furthermore, there were parts of my body I was previously ashamed about, and this transformed during the session. I understood that it is ok to have the body I have, and I can be perfect and at peace with my body even with scars.


    A surprising impact was that I realised that I don't usually speak up. Through the session, I was encouraged to ask for what I want, and it hit me – It is time to shed away my past stories about this and be authentic with what I want or what I believe in, even if others disagree – I can be ok with this, I need to speak my truth, and this will be a contribution to people.


    Throughout the session, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of being honoured that I had never felt before and was left in a peaceful open state full of possibility for life. I can not thank Freya and Maja enough for this generous experience.

  • Contact Us

    The Valkyrie Sessions take place in Dover Heights, Sydney. The cost for the two-hour Valkyrie Session with Freya and Maja is $380 for one session (or $1000 for three sessions).


    After The Valkyrie Session, Freya and Maja will support your journey via email with any questions that you may have.


    For questions and bookings please contact us. Freya is very happy to call you to discuss any questions you have about the Valkyrie Session.

    For bookings please include preferred dates and times.